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My first blog post EVER! Please bare with me, I don't really know what I am doing......YET

One of my close friends once told me that people don't really care about any artists particular art. What they care about is getting to know the person and their reason for creating the art that they do. Blogs can certainly bridge the gap. To be quite honest, I've hesitated for a long time to start a blog. In our digital age of social media narcissism when we get bombarded with so much information... don't get me wrong, some of it great, some not so much and some truly exceptional, but my thinking was, am I worthy enough to add any value to anyone with my blabbering. Some of it might not even be in proper English. Yes, English is not my first language and I do make mistakes sometimes; just ask my husband.

There is one thing I know for sure though and it is this: I love, sleep and breath art and I've always had, ever since I was a little girl. And all throughout my life I painted, drew, sculpted or sometimes just doodled. Nevertheless, I've always been making art in some way. That's just who I am. I hope you will find my stories entertaining. I hope you will understand why I make the art that I do and I hope I won't disappoint you.

I will leave you with two photos that my brother in-law just sent me the other day. There are of two of my first watercolor paintings that hang in his and my sister's house in the Czech Republic. I believe I was three years old. I painted "vodnik and cert", two silly creatures from old Czech tales. Looking at this thirty plus year old artwork make me think of the little girl that created it. Did she dream of making art as an adult? Did she paint only because her parents were painters and she lived amongst tubes of paint, brushes soaking in old grandma's cup, the smell of paint and apple strudel filling the air in the house...........

Whatever the reason was.... IT WORKED!

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